Gallery 4: Climbing Ben Lomond

Pete Stean, Bob McMahon and Mick Ling prior to the first ascent of Ruwenzori

Bob McMahon at Pavement Bluff

Bob McMahon climbing Bladerunner grade 21 Pavement Bluff

Ruwenzori grade 20, second ascent

Bill Chilvers resting on Powerdive Eliminate grade 22

Narkowicz and Mohler on Barbe de Vendetta grade 17 Frews Flutes

Adam Donoghue on Powerdive

Rob Staszewski jamming the marathon 35mm Dream grade 20

Norm Selby secodning Ulster grade 19 Denison Crag

Brent Oldinger repeating McMahon's immortal C E W Bean grade 23 at Anzac Cove, Ragged Jack

Gerry Narkowicz on his immortal Howitzer grade 22 Pavement Bluff

Narkowicz on the equally immortal Road To Ballyshannon grade 22, Pavement Bluff

Matt Spring on Rigaudon grade 20 Frews Flutes

Panzer Breakout grade 19 Pavement Bluff

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