Friday, 3 August 2012

Granite Shore 2: Cape Barren Island

Franklin Sound and distant Mt Strzelecki on Flinders Island on a cold winter's day.

Tidal flats on north coast of Cape Barren Island.

Franklin Sound and Mt Strzelecki on Flinders Island.

Franklin Sound looking north to Flinders Island.

Eastern end of Franklin Sound from lower slopes of Mt Munro 711metres.

Further up Mt Munro.

On the upper slope of Mt Munro.

From Big Hill towards day's end.

Flying across eastern Bass Strait one looks down on dozens of islands scattered across the sea like scraps of torn paper. Some are small, mere rocks protruding above the waves. There are larger dramatic domes, blades and towers and of granite. The two largest land masses are the inhabited islands of Flinders Island and Cape Barren Island. They are both a form of paradise on earth and I trust these images and many more to follow will convince you to visit.

Yes, my Granite Shore project is expanding to include the islands of Bass Strait which should be regarded as an extension of the granite shore of the east coast of Tasmania.

I visited Cape Barren Island in June 2012 and stayed for ten days: my Ten Days On The Island. While it was the depths of winter most of the days were incredibly warm - temperatures in the mid to high teens. There were astonishingly crystalline clear sunny days and days of amazing cloud drama.

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