Tuesday, 14 June 2011

More Ben Lomond


Robert Staszewski engaged in the debilitating marathon off-hand jamming of 35mm Dream grade 20 (5.10c) on Frews Flutes, Northern Escarpment.

I love this sort of climbing - sparsely protected bridging, or 'stemming' as they say in the USA. I took this photo of Norm Selby following the first pitch on the first ascent of Ulster grade 19 (5.10b) on Tranquil Tower, Denison Crag on the Southern Escarpment.

Adam Donghue on Powerdive Eliminate grade 22 (5.11a) on Robin's Buttress, Northern Escarpment.

Barbe de Vendetta at grade 17 (5.9) is the easiest climb on Frews Flutes on the Northern Escarpment. Picture is Gerry Narkowicz leading and Hans Mohler belaying (or meditating).

Bill Chilvers taking a 'rest' while seconding Powerdive Eliminate grade 22 (5.11a) on Frews Fluites, Northern Escarpment. 

A rare photo of me climbing taken by Pete Steane. The climb is the classic  Bloodrunner grade 21 (5.10d) at Pavement Bluff on the Eastern Escarpment.

The wild time of summer days and first ascents at Pavement Bluff. Taken by Bruce Cameron I am seated atop the cliff after completing some horror off-width.

Early days on Heathcliffe on the Northern Escarpment. Here is Ben Maddison boldly high-stepping on the exquisite Burma Shave. Some may doubt the authenticity of the seemingly undergrade of 18 (5.10a) but we aways believed in giving good value for the grade on the Ben.

Painting of Last Of The Independents Ridge on Frews Flutes, Northern Escarpment by Robert McMahon aka Bob McMahon. Oil on linen 1500 x 1557

The snows of yesteryear on the Northern Escarment. From l to r the cliffs are Tenant Buttress, Wuthering Heights, Snake Buttress and the Pavilion.

Team photo taken by Susie McMahon at the base of Heimdall Crag at Africa on the South Western Escarpment. From l to r Pete Steane, Bob McMahon and Mick Ling prior to the first ascent of the immortal Ruwenzori. 

The mighty 210m high Ruwenzori grade 20 (5.10c). Arguably this is the best climb I ever put up on Ben Lomond.


  1. I'm so scared of heights, you lot are very brave or crazy!!! I guess it's the only way to get such beautiful photos. Take care on those mountains.

  2. Is there no end to the talent in this family ? Excellent artists, musicians, photographers, rock climbers ...... the list seems endless !
    I'm enjoying this blog. I lived in Tasmania for the first 35 years of my life and probably saw Ben Lomond everyday from a distance, but had no idea it looked like this! Thank you.