Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Far North West Coast

The far north-west tip of Tasmania is a world apart. Characterized by vast tidal sand flats and an archipelago of islands, the stunning landscape is dominated by the sky and the sea. Beyond this last tip of Tasmania, where the land reluctantly gives up dominion to the sea in a scattering of islands, there is nothing but trackless ocean to the west, until one bumps into the coast of Patagonia. 

I love the liberating unpeopled space of this landscape, the sensation of being on another planet when the sun rises over Robbins Passage or sets over Trefoil Island. The utter flatness of the landscape allows the sky to dominate and to come to earth as reflections in the tidal pools.

Sunrise: Robbins Passage

                                                              Sunrise: Robbins Passage

Sunrise: Robbins Passage

                                                              Sunrise: Robbins Passage

                                                      Western shore of Walker Island

                                  Dawn on the western shore of Walker Island

Sunset over Trefoil Island. Note the black swan in the spotlight.


  1. Yes, this does look like the dawning of a new world...I can only imagine how you feel witnessing the sun's path in such a magical place! What a blessing to be alive!