Gallery 9 Extreme Climbing: Bare Rock, Fingal

Chris Coppland learning how to do the moves on his extremely overhanging Green Spandex, grade 27

Sticking the crux moves on Green Spandex 27

Chris Coppland clocking up some frequent flyer points

....some more

.....even more

....enough for a round the world flight

Ingvar Lidman climbs like a gecko across the stupendous roof of Even Fairies Wear Boots 29

having turned the roof, Ingvar Lidman confronts the funky arete of Even Fairies Wear Boots some 200 metres above the ground

Climbing the floating mountains of Pandora

Gerry Narkowicz on the crux of his Passchendaele 25 on the Boneyard Face

A lighter than air Ingvar Lidman wafts up the heinously steep Boneyard Face

The brilliant Garry Phillips on his Vapour Trail grade 29

Garry Phillips searches for terra firma

Gerry Narkowicz turning the first of two roof cruxes during the first ascent of A Terrible Beauty 25

Gerry Narkowicz on A Terrible Beauty 25

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